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Become... Wintower

Become a Wintower Distributor-Advisor
You are a professional in air conditioning or wine cellar equipment and would like to sell and install Wintower systems: become a Distributor and/or advisor please click below for the relevant form
Become a Wintower "Show Point"
You own or operate a wine shop and you would like to improve your display equipment and your showroom?  We are looking for visibility. We can give you attractive conditions and pay the space you provide to the Wintower products.
Send us some basic information and photographs so we can forward the conditions for our possible collaboration by return of post.
Become a consultant for the Wintower concept
1. Consultant on the web:
Take advantage of your email marketing campaigns to promote a quality product at the same time which will please your clients and give you some not insignificant advantages:
  • service provided to your clients
  • quality of the Wintower site on which your clients can find a large interactive section  "I create my wine cellar"
  • quality of the product on offer combined with the quality of yours and your services
  • information automatically following up your campaign by professional monitoring of client reactions
  • financial return on purchases of Wintower wine cellars by your clients
  • Your database remains completely secure and only those clients who complete a form are identified at Wintower (and you are notified immediately)
2. Consultant in your showroom:
Use the extraordinary "I create my wine cellar" tool to sell a Wintower wine cellar unit to your client
  • enable your client to visualise what he requires directly with an indication of the price, size, number of bottles and weight,
  • conclude a sale with just a few clicks ad receive your commission on payments made by your client,
  • OR receive a discount on payments you make by bank or credit card (your client paying you in the shop).
  • Take advantage of  the Wintower system for delivery to your client and avoid any unnecessary handling