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The system

The Wintower wine cellar  system relies on a small number of standard components:
  • 8 basic COMPONENTS only
  • 3 side and central uprights  (96 cm/ 1m39 and 1m92) (grooved on 1 or 2 sides)
5 shelves or racks
 1. for 1 bottle (70 to 84 mm diameter)
 2. for 1 champagne/magnum (84 to 108 mm diameter)
 3. for 3 bottles (70 to 84 mm diameter)
 4. for 4 bottles (70 to 84 mm diameter) or 3 magnums (84 to 108 mm diameter)
 5. for 6 bottles (70 to 84 mm diameter) or 4 magnums (84 to 121 mm diameter)


The uprights grooved approximately every 2 cm give dozens of alternatives for bottle storage suitable for all quantities and diameters of bottles. Simple, effective, always transformable, WITHOUT NAILS OR SCREWS!!!!   All shelves/racks can be removed and repositioned, and the dovetail runners ensure stability and prevent dislocation of components.  The rigidity of the furniture is further reinforced by metal stabilisers placed at the back of the shelving on assembly.

Wintower has chosen timber for its appropriateness to wine, its aesthetic qualities, its possibilities of use, its warmth and its stability. The panels used are waterproof and of solid timber treated to ensure it perfectly resists any damp atmosphere.  More information

The available depths of housing are 33 cm (for one bottle) or 53 cm (doubble depth racks). If you want to depart from these depths, we must first of all examine the feasibility of your request.

At 53 cm depth, 3 widths are available

1. 3 bottles wide (70 to 84 mm diameter)

2. 4 bottles wide (70 to 84 mm diameter) or 3 magnums (84 to 108 mm diameter)

3. 6 bottles wide (70 to 84 mm diameter) or 4 magnums (84 to 123 mm diameter)

In our "Online shop” section “I create my wine cellar”, amuse yourself by creating your own storage. Click on the towers which suit you and delete them as you wish. The information on price, bottle quantities and size are posted in real time. So you can create racking on four walls and save it all by following the correct procedure. You can also order online or simply return to your plan later using the login and password you will have entered in the form.

An important accessory forming an integral part of the Wintower wine cellar system is the winlock. The winlock is a bottle support which enables you to store all bottles whatever their diameter. They range from 70 to 84 mm diameter in the majority of towers and 84 to 108 mm diameter in the special towers (even to 121 mm in the widest tower). The winlock is patented and is the result of research into size based on the tangents of the smallest and the largest bottles to be taken into consideration. As it happens the research is based on standard “german style” 75 cl bottles being the narrowest (70 mm) and the embossed Côte du Rhône bottles often as wide as 84 mm in diameter.  Of course larger diameters have not been forgotten and these can be held in the majority of towers either by using the winlock or not (see section on champagne/magnums) (view winlock video).